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I have been chosen as one of twelve female artists to participate in the 2015 onefourfour, for which we are asked to create one work a month according to a chosen theme for a period of one year. The only restriction is that the work has to be 15 x 15 cms. This small canvas size was chosen so it’s a quick and fun exercise.
An interview with one of the artists will also be featured on onefourfour every month so you can learn more about them, their arts practice, and their processes.

About onefourfour
onefourfour was created and curated by Melbourne artist Ilona Nelson. The project was designed to encourage the artists to experiment with new mediums and keep creating regularly to allow their practices to grow. There is a wealth of talent in Australia and onefourfour supports women artists by creating opportunities to collaborate with peers, create new work and promote their art.

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Prize Rat on a Persian Love Mat
oil on linen
15 x 15cm
January 2015
La Forchetta
oil on unprimed linen
15 x 15cm
February 2015
water colour, found objects, photographed.
15 x 15cm
March 2015
The Third Season
approx. 15 x 15cm
April 2015
15 x 15cm
May 2015
The Promised Land
Mixed media, wooden panel, contouring gesso, japanese thread paper and ink
15 x 15cm
June 2015
Flighty Advice
15 x 15 cm
July 2015
August 2015
Wild Restraint
Mixed media; wooden panel, dried wildflowers, clay, iron rings and glitter
September 2015
Mixed media, iron, copper wire, rose thorns
October 2015
Feather Light
15 x 15 cm
November 2015
Child's Play
December 2015